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Taco Mac is officially now open to the public at Piedmont Town Center, down in SouthPark.

They've got big salads, an assortment of burgers, some pretty awesome chicken wings, and much more.

The Chili Poblano appetizer comes to the table accompanied by a carafe of salsa and a giant platter of fresh tortilla chips and wedges of soft tortilla. It was pretty hard to resist not eating the entire bowl of dip, which consists of warm melted queso mixed with poblano peppers, ground beef, and cilantro.

You can wash it all down with a beer ... just from the huge selection of beers they have. (Check out the pics below to see the rainbow of tap handles on the wall.)

With over 80 TVs (one being a 103-inch plasma), it's the perfect place to eat and watch a game.

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