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Several years ago when I banned high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from my house, one of the hardest products to give up was Heinz ketchup. I grew up with Heinz and had been a dedicated consumer. My family preferred Heinz as well.

Recently, thankfully, Heinz has introduced “Simply Heinz,” ketchup made with sugar and not HFCS. The product is available in 32-oz. and 15-oz. bottles. Heinz has had an organic ketchup which is made with organic sugar and not HFCS, but this has a different taste and is more expensive than their other lines. Simply Heinz does not scream “NO HFCS” from the label; in fact, I noticed it on the grocery store shelf marked “New Item.”

What is notable is the taste of Simply Heinz is the same as their pre-HFCS Heinz ketchup. So this is not like the “new Coke” debacle where a company tinkers with the original taste profile. Heinz has gone back to the ketchup that made it number one. Thanks, Heinz.


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