Munch away in the dark



You'll be blindfolded and led into a pitch black dining room and your server will wear night vision goggles. No, this isn't a scene from Hannibal, nor anything kinky.

Maybe you've heard of it, but have never found a place to try it – dining in the dark isn't anything brand spanking new in the global  restaurant scene, but it's definitely new in Charlotte. Will your food taste different and your other senses heightened without your sense of sight? Try it and see.

The Charlotte Good Eats and Meets group has arranged a Dining in the Dark experience at Andrew Blair's on June 17. For $50, the dinner will include 3 courses and a few "surprises." The menu will be be kept under wraps until the dinner. (Beware if you have any food allergies.) A portion of the proceeds will go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

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