Tim Tam Slam: A messy affair



The July I spent in Australia (their winter) a few years ago, I encountered the Tim Tam Slam, the Down Under equivalent of the American summer S’more. Fortunately for the past two years, I have been able to make them here in Charlotte. Slams have become an especially popular treat in my house on snow, um, melting ice, days.

Pepperidge Farms, a sibling company of Arnott — the cookie’s Australian producer — introduced Tim Tams, a thick chocolate covered sandwich cookie, into the America market in late 2008 for the debut of the movie Australia. Tim Tams are available from October to March and are sold locally at Target. Although these cookies come in several flavors, the best Tim Tam Slam uses the original Chocolate Crème.

To make a Tim Tam Slam you will need a mug of hot chocolate and a Tim Tam cookie. You can make hot chocolate from a quality cocoa (recipe is on the back of the box) or use a mix. I like Old Fashioned Marshmallow by Chocoholics Devine Desserts. Once you have the hot chocolate in front of you, bite off two diagonally opposite corners of the Tim Tam creating a rectangle straw. Place one end of the cookie into the hot chocolate and then sip. The hot beverage will begin to melt the interior of the cookie about half way up. Immediately eat the cookie. It can be a messy affair — which is why children universally love it.

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