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Prosecco and Paris Hilton



I am no wine connoisseur by the least, but this subhed of an article about the Italian-made Prosecco caught my eye: "Italy's sparkling wine, always a favorite, is better than ever these days — just avoid Paris Hilton."

Prosecco is so popular, in fact, that it has inspired imitators. ... A company based in Austria began producing a wine called Rich Prosecco that it sold in cans and then hired Ms. Hilton as its spokesbabe, featured in ads clothed only in paint. Gee, maybe a picture is worth more than a thousand words -- but maybe not, since we saw that a British company was auctioning 30,000 cans of the stuff from a Serbian warehouse. Its brochure warned that the Prosecco has a "use-by date" of May 2009.

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