Dominos: We don't serve boogers



Kristy Hammonds Thompson and Michael Setzer thought it would be cute to record themselves playing with people's food. Um hum. Real cute. They aren't teenagers; they're grown folks who should know better.

Yep. Guessing these two have a bright future ahead of them ... after the lawsuits, jail time and public humiliation dies down.

Two fired Domino's Pizza employees are free on bond this morning after being charged for their roles in producing a YouTube video that showed two workers breaking numerous sanitation laws while producing food.

Authorities in Catawba County say the two people charged in the case -- Kristy Hammonds Thompson, 31, and Michael Setzer, 32 -- were the people who appeared in the video.

Read the rest of this Charlotte Observer article here.

Watch the offending video here:

Watch Dominos' (lame, impersonal, scripted) YouTube response:

Extra credit: check out Kristy Hammonds Thompson's mug in the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry here.

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