Why you should go to Pie Town



The artisan pizzas crafted by Peter Reinhart are the star attractions at Pie Town. The restaurant takes pride in their pie crusts, which Reinhart has developed scientifically:

For us at Pie Town, the crust is the most important part of the pizza experience (though we’re quite proud of our sauce and toppings too). Our goal is to create a crust that has balanced but complex flavors and a texture that contains both a crisp, smoky snap and a creamy texture inside the puffy edge (what the Italians call the cornicione). The smoky flavor comes from the oven flames and the texture is due to long fermentation as well as intense oven heat.

Taking advantage of their Tuesday drink special of 2 pints for $5, I headed to Pie Town last night. We ordered the #80 with extra caramelized garlic: Pie Town Margherita with Prosciutto and the Salumi Special: Sopressato, Vesuvio, & Milano Salumi, Cheese Blend, Caramelized Garlic, & Pine Nuts. The pizzas (and the crust) didn't disappoint. The pies were served with an oil made with paprika and chili pepper flakes to dip the crust in. Feast your eyes:



P.S. If you go tomorrow, you can get half off glasses of wine. (It's the Wednesday special.)


710 W. Trade St

Charlotte, NC 28202


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