The Coffee Cup is Alive!



Yeah, they closed. But now they're open again. Stop rolling your eyes and go get some grub.

Like the killer in a bad horror movie, the Coffee Cup restaurant is never quite dead, or so it seems.

Less than two months after owner Gardine Wilson said the historic eatery was closed for good, it apparently has found new life -- this time in NoDa.

Wilson told today that a revised version of the Coffee Cup would open April 1 at 2909 North Davidson St., inside the building that houses Alive. He sent out online invitations Saturday offering a sneak peek to a select group he characterized as “community leaders.”

“I want the community’s input,” he said today in an interview.

Wilson said the new location will offer its own coffee blend (developed in Puerto Rico) for $7 and feature a “classic organic menu.” It also will have wireless Internet access.

But much of the down-home cooking that made the Coffee Cup famous, he said, will still be available.

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