Free Comic Book Day must-haves



This week is a big one for comic fans. Not only are books coming out on Wednesday like normal, but a bunch of titles are also hitting shops this Saturday (May 1) as part of the annual comic-centric "holiday" of sorts — Free Comic Book Day.

Here in Charlotte, the folks at Heroes Aren't Hard to Find are, again, bringing in a bunch of artists to do sketches and sign stuff; the folks at the shop are also hosting a cool art show (featured on the cover of this week's Creative Loafing).

Now, when it comes to the actual comics being given away this year, I'll be picking up everything. I mean, they are FREE. Still, there are a few books I'm more excited about than others. Here's my list of FCBD must-haves:

Doctor Solar/Magnus: Consider this issue (with two stories) the opening salvo of legendary writer Jim Shooter's new superhero line at Dark Horse Comics. It's been a hot minute since Dark Horse published a line of superhero books, and the company has smartly paired Shooter with some of characters he has real history with.

Fractured Fables: From Jim Valentino's Shadowline imprint at Image comes a comic that seems like real all-ages fun.

Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock: Again, this issue is meant to get readers excited about the new Fraggle Rock series and the acclaimed comic Mouse Guard. I'm curious.

War of the Supermen No. 0: I'm interested to see how this story line starts up. If it's good, I'll buy the upcoming issues.

DC Kids Mega-Sampler: This was a fun read at last year's FCBD, so I'm in for 2010.

Bongo: Free-For-All: Gotta love the Simpsons!

Artifacts: First Look: I don't read a lot of Top Cow comics, but — damn — what have I got to lose?

Oni Press Free-For-All!: Should be good stuff.

G.I. Joe #155 ½: I haven't been too excited over most of the modern day revamps of G.I. Joe, but this one seems fun. It's written by longtime Joe scribe Larry Hama and picks up the continuity of the Marvel series that ended a looooong time ago. And No. 155 ½ is a herald for a new series over at IDW.

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