A duo of quickie comic reviews: American Vampire, X-Factor Forever and more



It's Wednesday, which of course means it's time for brand-new comic books. But before we check out this week's comics, let's wrap up a little of what last week had to offer:

American Vampire No. 1: The new Vertigo horror series written by Scott Snyder and legendary author Stephen King (yes, that Stephen King) debuted last Wednesday, and it's definitely a slow burner — but pays off at the end. Snyder's portion of the comic is filled some truly snappy, yet deceptively loaded, dialogue; and his tale closes on a truly chilling note. King's story — an offshoot of the lead adventure — though monstrous and slightly violent, is surprisingly fun. The art in both stories is skillfully rendered by Rafael Albuquerque, who seems to be a master of everything: storytelling, anatomy, emotion, and the kitchen sink. Good stuff.

X-Factor Forever No. 1: I guess Marvel's other retro mutant book, X-Men Forever, must be successful — because their really is no other reason to launch X-Factor Forever. I remember reading Louise Simonson's X-Factor comic — which, ya know, starred the original X-Men — back in the day, and it was truly awful. After reading this relaunch of that series (with it's old continuity attached), I see nothing has changed ... it still sucks balls. The contrived story lines and character interactions that just drip with bad soap opera influences are back front and center, just like the old days. Who the hell wanted this comic to return? Not me.

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