Quickie comic review: Kevin Smith's Green Hornet No. 1



Green Hornet No. 1

Published by Dynamite Entertainment. Written by Kevin Smith. Breakdowns by Phil Hester. Pencils by Jonathan Lau.

The Deal: Movie director and part-time comic book scribe Kevin Smith rolls out his brand-new version of the Green Hornet. This comic series is based on a screenplay written by Smith some time ago.

The Verdict: It's a decent read with some great, cinematic pacing and pretty good art — but it's not mind-blowing. If you're a fan of the Green Hornet (like me), it's nice to see the character back in action. If you're looking for a groundbreaking comic book experience, this ain't it. At the very least, it's much, much better than that GH series Now Comics used to publish back in the day.

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