Comic books I hate: Round 2



Well, here I am — back to share another list of ... shit, you get the idea.

Before I dive into the deep end of this post, let me give a big shout out to all the Deadpool fans who sent me such wonderful comments. I love hate mail! Keep it coming!

Anyway, here's my latest list of loathing:

Mighty Avengers: I actually liked this book when Bendis was writing it and Frank Cho was drawing it. But Dan Slott's terrible dialogue, lame cast and hokey situations just ruined it. Khoi Pham's art, also, just never felt "epic" enough for such a heavyweight team. Luckily it's getting canceled.

Black Panther: Writer Christopher Priest penned the best version of this character; after him, Reginald Hudlin took over and screwed it up a bit. Now it's just downright unreadable. A female Panther? Did this book really need a new Panther? Just write good stories, OK?


Green Arrow: Again, this comic book was actually good not too long ago — back when Kevin Smith wrote it. Hell, even Brad Meltzer had a good run on GA. Then came Judd Winick. Winick's first pass on the comic wasn't so bad, but after GA married Black Canary, the comic tanked, and now — post-Winick — it's ureadable. I know there's a big GA story line on the way (about him going to prson or something), but it sounds sucky. Knowing DC, GA will become Solomon Grundy's bitch or something.

The Shield: This comic actually contains a few cool elements — like how the lead hero's powers and costume manifest — but it just seems superfluous. What's the point of having another patriotic hero when we have so many on the stands already? I just don't think the Red Circle heroes have enough of a following to warrant a line of books.

Cable: I'm amazed that a book all about two people (Cable and Hope) running from Bishop has lasted this long. A complete waste of a series. Can we get this thing over with already?

The Outsiders: Such a troubled comic. A lot of creative teams have tried a lot of different approaches, but it's just a mess. At this point it changes focus too much, and the characterizations are just all wrong. Peter Tomasi's stint started out with promise, but DC bigwig Dan Didio is writing it now; after reading the first issue, I'm not impressed. I'm a fan of the original series (a guilty pleasure), but my eyes bleed when I read it these days.

All Wildstorm comics: I used to love Wildstorm comics. Alan Moore's Wildcats and his ABC line? Incredible. Warren Ellis' Authority? Stellar. Jim Lee's art? Fantastic. So, who's idea was it to make the heroes operate on a post-apocalyptic Earth and then publish nothing else but videogame tie-ins? Mr. Lee, you've gotta do something about this!

More to come ...

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