Ultra-quickie comic reviews: Green Lantern, Chew, Powers and more



Before Wednesday hits and it's time for new comics, let me get a few reviews of last week's book out of the way:


Chew No. 6: Love, love this comic (pictured above). It's so damned good. Are you buying it yet? If not, you are buggin' for real.

Green Lantern No. 48: Amazingly detailed art by Doug Mahnke and a pretty entertaining story by Geoff Johns, but I'm about ready for this story line to reach a climax. This thing has been building for a long time.

Powers No. 1: My favorite thing about comics by writer Brian Michael Bendis is the dialogue, but I found the dialogue in this issue to be a little disjointed and clumsy. I guess I've been spoiled. Still, it was entertaining all the same.

Justice League: Cry For Justice No. 5: Wow, this issue sucked. It sucked really bad. And I'm a James Robinson fan. I just don't get why every writer at DC feels the need to take a shit on Roy Harper. I mean, do they want people to think he's lame? If so, mission accomplished.

Beasts of Burden No. 3: Again — I love, love, love this comic. It's sort of what would happen if Robert Kirkman wrote a Disney cartoon. It's amazing.

Fantastic Four No. 573: Way to drop a turd on Mark Millar's work. I liked Millar's run on FF, but I guess no one else did.

Wonder Woman No. 38: All the mythological references are causing me to feel a bit lost, but the art is great and the story is engrossing. Writer Gail Simone is on a roll.

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