Quickie comic review: Dark X-Men No. 1



Dark X-Men No. 1

Published by Marvel Comics. Written by Paul Cornell. Pencils by Leonard Kirk. Inks by Jay Leisten.

The Deal: Norman Osborn's hand-picked team of mutant villains/anti-heroes posing as heroes investigate a strange and dangerous mutant entity.

The Verdict: Yes this book is superfluous and an unnecessary by-product of the whole "Dark Reign" story line, but — thanks to writer Paul Cornell and artist Leonard Kirk — the comic manages to be quite entertaining. You may remember Cornell and Kirk from their great run on the now-dead Captain Britain and MI13 comic; the duo has a knack for crafting hilarious dialogue, spot-on characterization and cinematic action sequences. That said, do you really need to but Dark X-Men? Probably not. But it's a good read.

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