Quickie comic review: Doctor Voodoo No. 2



Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural No. 2

Published by Marvel Comics. Written by Rick Remender. Art by Jefte Palo and Gabriel Hardman.

The Deal: It's the second issue of Marvel's new magic-centric monthly superhero comic book, starring the new "Sorcerer Supreme of Earth" — Doctor Voodoo (replacing Dr. Strange, who previously held that position).

The Verdict: I liked the first issue better, where the book's protagonist went head-to-head with Dr. Doom and worked to help human beings with human problems in his medical clinic. This time around, Remender falls into the classic "magical superhero" trap by showing Dr. Voodoo use a number of ill-defined powers while he's in a series of ill-defined situations. Those are the main reasons why Dr. Strange never really worked — take a guy who can do ... what exactly? ... and put him on some bizarre astral plane battling ectoplasmic yadda yadda yadda. Yeah. I liked the first issue better.

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