Quickie comic review: Blackest Night No. 4



Blackest Night No. 4

Published by DC Comics. Written by Geoff Johns. Pencils by Ivan Reis. Inks by Oclair Albert and Joe Prado.

The Deal: DC's blockbuster limited series — with Green Lantern at the center — keeps on trucking. This issue, the big baddie behind the whole crisis is revealed.

The Verdict: For the first three issues, this series kind of felt like a really long chase scene. This month's edition, however, adds a little more scope to the whole tale — while still keeping things action packed. There are a bunch of cool moments and several B-listers get a chance to shine (and one is killed). My only problem with the book is that the big reveal wasn't such a big deal because I'm not familiar with the character. At any rate, I highly recommend buying Blackest Night No. 4.

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