Quickie comic review: Batman: Streets of Gotham No. 4



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Batman: Streets of Gotham No. 4

Published by DC Comics. Written by Paul Dini. Pencils by Dustin Nguyen. Inks by Derek Fridolfs.

The Deal: The Paul Dini-penned Batman comic rolls on to its fourth installment, and this one's sort of a done-in-one issue. Oh, and there's a second feature (as usual) starring Manhunter ... with Huntress along as a guest star.

The Verdict: At first I had a hard time figuring out what set this Batman book apart from Batman & Robin and Batman, but now I get it: Streets of Gotham is basically Paul Dini's Detective Comics with a new title. I mean, I guess with Batwoman in the regular Detective book, the brass at DC wanted Dini to keep doing Bat-centric work that they obviously enjoyed. So, if you read this series, don't expect some unique concept; it's just a Batman comic. That being said, it's a damn good Batman comic — great dialogue, great characterization, great cast, action, mystery, pathos, etc. If you dig Batman, you should be picking up Streets every month. Oh, and the Manhunter second feature is interesting, and it's a great bonus for folks who buy this book, but I see why it never took off as a regular solo series.

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