Quickie comic review: Green Lantern No. 46



Green Lantern No. 46

Written by Geoff Johns. Pencils by Doug Mahnke. Inks by Christian Alamy.

The Deal: This newest issue of Green Lantern is also the latest chapter in the ongoing epic "Blackest Night" storyline and features a big slugfest between super bad guys Sinestro and Mongul.

The Verdict: Just when I thought I was suffering from "Blackest Night" overload ... and just when I thought the main Green Lantern title was becoming a superfluous book not worthy of a monthly read, writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke make me a believer again with an awesome, action-packed issue. The coolest thing about this month's edition of GL? Sinestro proves once and for all that he's a big-time bad ass. Buy it.

One last thing: Anybody remember when Green Lantern used to be one of the lamest books on the stands? Johns really turned this comic — and this character — around.

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