Comic book of the week: Armor Wars No. 1



Armor Wars No. 1

Published by Marvel Comics (for its Ultimate line). Written by Warren Ellis. Penciled by Steve Kurth. Inks by Jeff Huet.

The Deal: The Ultimate Marvel Universe is still healing from the whole "Ultimatum" crisis; New York is in ruins and the global economy is in ruins (sounds familiar, eh?). In the midst of all this chaos, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) returns to the Big Apple to retrieve some personal property and runs into two new players — one good and one bad.

The Verdict: I'm not the biggest fan of the Ultimate Universe (I didn't read any issues of Ultimatum), but I do like the Ultimate version of Iron Man. The Ultimate Stark's personality is less like the one found in the regular Marvel Universe (he's a rather mopey dude) and more like Robert Downey Jr.'s take on the character in the movie — a fun drunk with loads of charm and great dialogue. And like Downey, Ultimate Stark carries the book, which features a pretty standard, straight-forward (yet exciting) plot. I've never seen Kurt's art, but his work is good ... sort a cross between Steve McNiven and Bryan Hitch. All in all, it's an excellent read.

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