Creative Living: A peek into some cool rentals


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In this week's cover story, Creative Loafing is offering you the opportunity to peer into some of your neighbors’ rental homes, as we present to you a tour of eclectically decorated living spaces in Charlotte.

Here are the places we checked out, MTV Cribs-style.

Meet Kymm McLean ... if you’re fast enough. Here's her home.

If you love shoes or you love going out, chances are, you know Dan Mauney.

Danielle Taylor is originally from New York, and that’s why living in Tryon House Apartments suits her just fine.

Good things come in small packages, and Scooter Arnold, a makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics, subscribes to that credo.

From the outside, Lore Emelio's home looks like any other house in Dilworth — but inside you'll find the inner workings of her small business.


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