Biggest idiot on the Web



I do believe I found the biggest idiot on the Web. I discovered him — a guy named Pastor James Manning — while I was looking for videos on YouTube.

Manning is the self-styled leader of a Harlem-based church called ATLAH Worldwide. And it seems like his mission in life is to stop folks from voting for Obama. But, the thing is, he wants to stop Obama's ascension to the Oval Office for the stupidest -- and just plain WRONG -- reasons.

Take a look, for example, at this video titled "Obama a homosexual drug user forever":

Weird, eh? Well he spewed -- and continues to spew -- lots more unsubstantiated facts. Check out the dumb shit he says about Obama's mother:

Idiotic, eh? Sadly there's more. In the next video, Manning warns white people that, if Obama wins, black people will take to the streets and riot:

Manning also dislikes Oprah. Look:

Moronic, eh? Apparently this guy is so stupid, not even the nutjobs at Fox News like the guy. Check out what Sean Hannity said to the guy:

What a nut! OK, lastly, here's a look at Manning's greatest hits:

Just stupid.

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