The Willow (Oral Pleasures)- Part 1



This position begins with the man seated on the edge of the bed or a chair and the woman saddled over top his lap. Gently lean her back until she has both hands on the floor and is balanced. The man then pulls her torso towards him, while she walks back using her hands. Clenching his knees, the man helps support the woman, while she can also use his shoulders to place her ankles on to keep from sliding down. Once you have reached this base position you can do a few fun things, but we are going to start with the oral warm-up.

She will be in a nice little position to try a few of her favorite toys on her as well as give a good French kissing to her second pair of lips!

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate position (1 as horrible, 10 as sexual nirvana)? 

I give it a respectable 8...

Did you have difficulty getting into the position?  Their will need to be a fair amount of strength and balance by both parties to safely get into position. But the good news is once you are finally there, it is fairly easy to “hold the fort” so to speak.

Did you feel like a pretzel? Were you able to do the motions once in position?  There will not be too much of a pretzel feel and the motions become simple once you've achieved the base position...

Any recommendations on getting either in or out of this position:  Hold her tightly once she starts to orgasm... her arms will start to give out and the worst possible way to get out of this position is having her fall on her head. You'll be on the couch with the fleas for no less than a week!

How long did you last in the position?  I'd say a good seven minutes or so.

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the woman):  She freaking loved it once she got past some of the complaining of the blood rushing to her head... once the blood started to rush to her other “head”!

Enjoyment once you were in position (for the man):  It was a big turn on for me to see and listen to how turned on she was becoming.

Short Answers:

Was the position comfortable? Were you able to relax?

Man:  Not real comfortable or relaxing, but definitely sustainable.

Woman:  Not comfortable at all, but the pleasure should keep her mind off the discomfort once the real fun starts...

Would you consider this to be an intimate position (Why or why not)?  Oral pleasure in inherently intimate in itself, but this puts the lady in a rather compromising, dare I say even S&M-like, position. The man has all the control and she must trust him as well as he must trust himself to get a little crazy and allow this position to reach its fullest potential.

Are you achy or sore after the fact?

Man:  No

Woman:  No

What did the position feel like (both mentally and physically) in 50 words or less?  This position is a practical porn classic, so there were flashbacks of such scenes going on in my mind throughout the action. It brings out the natural animal, as there is no room for being shy or inhibited once you have your lover in a handstand with her crotch in your face!

Did she reach orgasm?  …A “huge” one!

Did he reach orgasm?  No... but I was rewarded well later on...

Did it take longer than usual to reach orgasm?  She warmed up quickly and reached orgasm in no time!

Would you do this position again (why or why not)?  Yes I would. I am a very firm believer in “If I do you, you do me right back”. Women love oral sex just as much as us men, so you've got to play fair.

Any suggestions to make the position more pleasurable: Yes...  in (Part II) of this position, I will be covering that!