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Fiona Zedde

Fiona Zedde�s got a knack for making folks horny. February 2005, Zedde, a former employee of Charis Books

in Atlanta, made Creative Loafing readers drool when she was

featured on our annual Lust List of sexy service industry workers. And

in August, the Jamaican-born, Atlanta-based author got the literary

world all hot-and-bothered with the release of her debut lesbian

erotica novel, Bliss and her recently released book A Taste of Sin.

What is your process for writing erotica?

Usually what happens for me is I envision a scene, or a scene comes to

me and then I kind of build a larger story around that. Like if I hear

something on the radio and I�m like, �That sounds interesting and

freaky,� then I�ll try to build something from that point. I�m trying

to be more disciplined in doing outlines and character sketches. It�s

been somewhat helpful, but, truthfully, I rarely do outlines.

So, how do you know when a story you�re writing is particularly hot?

When I feel it! When I�m getting all tingly, I know it�s good!

Sometimes I use my friends as a test audience. But, really, if I�m

writing it and I think, �This is really good stuff,� then I know it�s


Did appearing on our Lust List change your life?

Um ... no. It brought some publicity to the bookstore I used to work

at, Charis Books, which is great. My book is selling there, too, and

the book in turn supports Charis. So it�s a nice little link.

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