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Women's jobs in 1908


It's easy to forget how recent women's presence in just about every profession in the workforce really is. In 1908, the vast majority of Charlotte women who "kept house" still worked in the textile industry or in a laundry. A relatively tiny professional class of women worked in teaching or nursing. But a few defied the odds. Below is a list of women's occupations according to the 1908 Charlotte City Directory.

Artist (4)

Assistant City Editor of Newspaper (1)

Bookkeeper (12)

Cigar Maker (1)

College Professor (28)

Dean of College (1)

Dry Clean Owner (1)

Huckster (1)

Insurance Agent (2)

Lady Principal (4)

Nun (Mother Superior) (1)

Nurse (39)

Photographer (1)

Poetess (1)

Physician (1)

Publisher (1)

Runs a Boarding House (17)

School Teacher (84)

Seamstress/Trimmer (57)

Sales Clerk (63)

Stenographer (78)

Tooth Extractor (1)

Source: The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

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