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Oct. 1 — Oct. 7, 2008



Libra the Scales (Sept. 22-Oct. 22):

Your heart is in the right place, but there are so many needs in your world that you can hardly fill all of them. There are multiple communications, far more than normal. Those who have a flexible income will be glad this week. You will be attracted to things of beauty.

For All Signs: There are several minor aspects this week that could bring up old grievances and feelings of righteous anger. Whether or not anger seems justified, there is not a positive option for working it out right now. If the old issue seems persistent, ask yourself why you need to become aware of it now. Perhaps your psyche is warning you not to follow the same path that led you to this dark mental space in the past. Everyone knows holding a grudge hurts only the one who carries it.

Aries: You will be concluding a cycle of several weeks at this time. Your attention will begin to shift toward issues of intimacy and partnership, joint and corporate financial matters, taxes, and/or estate and business planning. Old issues concerning these matters may resurface.

Taurus: Relationships and partnerships are high on the agenda now and through the first half of October. On the 6th or 7th someone in your life may press you a little too hard and you will feel the need to push back.

Gemini: The action in your life is connected to children, fun, creative activities, and lover(s). Healing can be done on a physical or emotional level. Teaching is more mental. You have interest in exploring all your relationships at this time.

Cancer: You may be sifting through family treasures during this time. This includes memories, artifacts of your past, or antiques. It is possible you will want to make connection to an old family friend or relative that has long been out of range.

Leo: You are in a jubilant frame of mind this week. You may be celebrating the successful organization and completion of a project. Symbols that suggest communications and travel are strong. Travel is for fun and pleasure.

Virgo: It may be hard to move forward this week, due to challenges concerning property, equipment, or financial concerns. Your reflexes and normal muscle control are out of sync right now, so use special caution and listen to your body.

Scorpio: Mars, the red planet of war, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks. Although you will wish to take action right away, remain aware that Mercury is retrograde through the 11th. Don't start a war just yet, but making love is great.

Sagittarius: This is a thoroughly social week. Love life is positive and the sun is generally smiling upon you. Education is favored, whether you are the teacher or the student. Traveling of any kind should prove fun and interesting.

Capricorn: A project begun under difficult circumstances in May now arrives at a critical point. Do you pour even more effort and energy into it now? It is probable that the timing is off, even if the plan is good. You may be feeling irritable at someone or some rule that is demanding and problematic.

Aquarius: The symbolism suggests return travel to someplace you have been in the past. This could be physical motion or it might be metaphorical, as in "returning" to something you have previously studied. The "trip" yields positive results.

Pisces: Your imagination and intuition are particularly strong at this time. It is possible you will have a sudden inspiration that alters your perspective on the current reality. Any activities involving investments or resources that you share with others are favored.

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