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Your weekly horoscope for

Aug. 20 – Aug. 26, 2008



Virgo the Virgin: (Aug. 22-Sept. 22)

Your engine is roaring, but you may be in neutral gear at this point. It is a challenge to know whether to stop or go forward now. Take a fresh look at where you want to direct your attention. Use this month to let go of past hurts and take a deep breath of healing energy from the Sun which enters your sign on the 22nd.

For All Signs: Planets which are 150 degrees apart are known as "inconjunct" to astrologers. This is a challenging aspect which suggests circumstances that are impeding action. Sometimes the aspect represents being trapped in some type of bind and unable to find a good solution. If we make the expected choice in a situation then we know we'll be angry about it. If we choose otherwise we will feel "guilty" for not doing what we "should." This week there are multiple inconjunctions, involving a number of signs. If you experience this energy, do the best you can to seek out a win-win answer, one that will not leave you feeling angry or guilty.

Aries: Your partner may take on an uncharacteristic manner of self-assertion. He or she is not so likely to back down from a fight. Life will be generally more harmonious if you stay off the hot topics. If it is important to tackle them, seek a negotiator to keep things fair.

Taurus: A relationship or friendship that began with gusto in late March arrives at a point of evaluation. The question of commitment may always be an issue in this situation. Tensions that have been submerged may suddenly erupt and one of you may depart the scene.

Gemini: You are caught between what you should do and what you want to do. The routine is safe, but also boring. Your mind may play tricks on you and you could be distracted easily. You are feeling independent, so you may want more alone time.

Cancer: This is probably not your best week. Mechanical objects are cantankerous and require repair than is normal. Your interest wants to pursue the philosophical and humanitarian. But the routine trivia of life demands its due.

Leo: Positive results are yielded at this time from creative works of the past. After the 22nd your focus of attention shifts to the subject of finances. Is your money following that which you hold in highest regard?

Libra: Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks. This energy is especially helpful in defining our boundaries. Periodically we need to examine who we are and also who we are not.

Scorpio: The next seven weeks is absolutely not a time to take the offensive, attacking position. If you feel angered by another, think the situation through from the very beginning. Look for your contribution to the problem first.

Sagittarius: You mood is expansive and optimistic this week. It is one of those "good luck" times that occasionally happen to the Archers. You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support.

Capricorn: A person or a piece of information is on its way to help you solve a legal or ethical predicament. Perhaps this is the solution you need to keep you moving forward on a business plan. You are beginning to see daylight on the other side.

Aquarius: You are absorbed in personal healing and improvement of your attitude. Meanwhile the mundane details of life are demanding attention. Try looking at the irritant symbolically. Perhaps it is here to show you something you really need to "cure" along the way to healing yourself.

Pisces: Your immune system is in a low cycle. Get plenty of rest and take your vitamin C. You are in the frame of mind to keep your head in the clouds and drift the days happily away.

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