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You can find me in tha pub

Arrrrr! Queen City is getting Snug in the Pub



As Charlotte's population grows exponentially, the real estate market is trying to accommodate the influx, and apparently, so is the nightlife. There seems to be another bar opening every weekend.

Cason point: The Pub at Gateway and Snug Harbor

The Pub at Gateway (where 7-10 use to be) is essentially 7-10 with a new sign and waterfall fountain. It's a small pub-club that may be just one block too far off the coast of uptown. But perhaps the fact you can drink outside on the sidewalk patio will make it worth putting up that extra sail. Now, if only the bartender had put a little extra pep in her step.

As for the crowd, it was as though Phil's had transplanted itself there for the grand opening celebration, but go see for yourself what you can find in da pub.

As for me, I felt like a castaway, so I traveled back to the mainland going two miles per hour in a pedi-cab weighed down by 600 pounds worth of Panther players, then ended up in a dance off with a rhythmically-challenged gentleman dancing for his supper outside of Brick and Barrel.

My ship then sailed over Plaza-Midwood for the opening of Snug Harbor, a bar in the form of a pirate ship. Arrrrr! The pirates hijacked Fire and Ice and turned it into a Mecca for indie rock. So, that makes two rock-n-roll bars. The deck of the ship would be the front and back patios, and inside the cabin you can walk the plank on the dance floor. The pirate ship ambiance made me feel like I was on a search for lost treasure, but the treasure is actually Snug Harbor -- just what the people of P-M have been waiting for since The Steeple closed. Anchors up on Thursdays for Scott Weaver's ship rocked party and Bloody Sundays.

walking the plank, er, runway ...

Girls got to play dress up at The Forum for the Lotus Fashion Show -- a fashion show for the self-styled fashionista to strut her stuff in a three-round competition for a ginormous prize. It gave Lotus shoppers an opportunity to really model their purchases, but rather than entering a fashion show, the contestants were on American Idol for retail.

The judges put the "judge" in judgmental, making Simon Cowell look like a sweetheart, but the super-sweet Deborah Kennedy was the Paula Abdul of the group. Those girls were told, "I got two words for you: pap smear!" Ewww! and "You need to find yourself a pole to dance on." They had one girl crying like someone had just run over her kitten. Project Runway?

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