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The Entire Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board

The competition was stiff in this category, but in the end it was clear that the board had outdone itself. These people are so obsessed with where schools should be built and what kind of bricks to use that they've utterly lost track of what's going on inside them. The board and a committee spent months hashing out whether to spend $30 million, a fraction of its total budget, on building schools to relieve overcrowding, then ultimately refused to make a decision while test scores continued to stagnate. Many on the board were then shocked to learn that, all the while, they were systematically discriminating against low-income children by providing them with the least experienced teachers in the system. On top of that, their nyah-nyah arguments and pettiness in public meetings are an embarassment to the community. It's time for all of them to quit arguing and get a clue.

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