Visual Arts

Works by Cher Cosper

When: July 6-13 2012

Anyone who ever watched an episode of the late Bob Ross' PBS series The Joy of Painting can attest to how easy he made the task of painting landscapes look. But anyone who's ever picked up a brush knows better. Having your mountains mistaken for anthills is neither a "happy accident" nor "avant garde" brilliance. It's just a mistake. Painting a good landscape takes skill, and Charlotte artist Cher Cosper has a knack for the craft. Her latest set of impressionist works are on display through July at Pura Vida Worldly Art. Cosper, who finds inspiration in other countries, captures scenes and settings that any travel enthusiast can appreciate. Her piece depicting France's bustling and colorful Saint Rémy Flower Market (pictured) already has us dreaming of a bon voyage.

Anita Overcash


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