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Word On The Street

Recently, the daughters of a former Lincoln County preacher told Oprah he had molested them during their childhood. If you were on the show, what secrets would you tell?

Cecelia Armstrong
Retired Restaurateur
"My late husband Leonard didn't work because he found two bags of cash behind a bank 40 years ago and invested most of it in the rolling papers industry."

Ross P. Lamartine
Warehouse Manager
"I guess it would have to be that my wife and I, through superior brain power and mental training, now control the entire North American continent."

Charles Sanderson
Loan Processor
"Funny you should ask. My secret is that I dress up like Oprah when I watch the show and pretend that I'm the one asking questions."

Rhonda Chandler
Multi-level Marketer
"Just like Sue Myrick, Jesus speaks to me through my coffeemaker."

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