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Word On The Street

Some people say reality TV is scraping the bottom of the barrel with Wife Swap and Trading Spouses. Are even worse reality shows still possible?

Sarah Linstrehm
Software Salesperson
"Well, I guess there's always cannibalism. They could do it in kind of a Survivor format and call it Bite Me."

Taylor Scoggins
Graduate Student
"I heard they've already started filming one named Honeymoon Lodge up in the small town of Cousin Hump, West Virginia."

Stan Perrine
Building Contractor
"Hmm, let's see. . . you know, other than maybe one called Bust A Cap In The Crack Ho, I can't really think of anything."

Eloise J. Webster
Systems Analyst
"They could make a new version of a show I watched when I was a girl, Fury. I always wondered about that tag line, "the story of a horse and the boy who loved him.'"

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