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Word On The Street

Would Sen. John Edwards make a good Vice President?

Dean Messer
High School Teacher
"Yes. He has more foreign policy experience than Bush did when he took office, so Edwards would probably only wreck America's reputation half as much."

Maribel Barnett
Securities Broker
"Absolutely. They say he's a great lawyer, so if Kerry screws things up, we can get Edwards to sue him, which is really convenient."

Brad Herrington
"World's Best Temp"
"Actually, I wish Kerry had picked Sen. Mary Landrieu from Louisiana. Have you seen her? H-O-T! I'd like to check out her positions!"

Enid George
Hotel Manager
"No, I think we need to keep a crabby, lying, crooked warmonger in the VP slot, at least till this terror thing blows over."

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