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Word On The Street

Which school board member is more ridiculous, Larry Gauvreau or Vilma Leake?

Hal Curry
Freelance Accountant
"Hmmm, let's see. One's a loudmouth ignoramus and the other's an arrogant dinosaur. . . .I don't know, man, it's a real toss-up."

Rocky Alita
Mail Carrier
"Probably Gauvreau, he's like the kid in school who was a big know-it-all but his answers were always wrong."

Mary Lou Stanley
Retired Schoolteacher
"Oh, it's Vilma Leake, definitely. Gauvreau's just a silly little boy, but Leake -- you can't tell me she's not wearing a wig."

Sandy Dedrickson
"I don't know and don't care. My son goes to private school so, really, you can all go to hell."

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