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Word On The Street

Is it OK for Carolinas Medical Center to allow doctors to perform abortions there?

Kirsty C. Kovner
Middle School Teacher

"Why not? The last time I looked, abortion was still legal in America. Unless the mother's a terrorist, of course."

Chet McAllister
Paving Contractor
"I think that's a great idea. Since hospitals have beds and everything, that's probably a pretty comfortable place to do it. Plus, they have doctors."

Jessie Webster
"No! Anybody who'd think about harming one of those little lizard-looking embryos needs to be horsewhipped -- and I'm just the woman to do it."

Jody Przensky
Website Designer

"No, all women should be forced to have babies. And then Bill James should be forced to adopt all of them since he's so damned jacked up about the whole thing."

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