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Word On The Street

Do you think changing NASCAR's major sponsor from R.J. Reynolds to Nextel will make a difference?

Phillip Clary
Beer Distributor
"It gives stock car racing a more up-to-date image, which I think is overdue. I mean, since poor rednecks can't afford race tickets anymore, let's update things, you know?"

Celia Northford
Modeling Agency Owner
"I'm just glad that NASCAR decided to get hip and be sponsored by a more modern type of addiction."

Bobby Mainz
Shoe Salesman
"I love racing and I'll be happy as long as they keep handing out free cigarettes at the races. What? Oh no!"

Vaughnie Elbertson
Computer Repair Consultant
"Hey, if my man Dale Junior keeps on kickin' butt, they can have the whole thing sponsored by Saddam Hussein for all I care."

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