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Wolverine No. 67, Monster Pile-Up No. 1, Youngblood No. 4

Comic books I think folks should be reading



For the last few weeks, I've used this column space to list some of the comic books I think folks should be reading. And this week, I'm doing it one mo' time. Here goes:

Wolverine No. 67 (Marvel): I've sang the praises of current Wolverine writer Mark Millar in this column a few times before, so think of this recommendation as a continuation of that praise. Millar's a controversial figure in the industry -- helming continuity-shifting books like Marvel's Civil War limited series -- but he's really been knocking it out of the park with his latest Wolvie story arc, titled "Old Man Logan." The storyline, which is penciled by Steve McNiven, tells a tale of Logan in a future where all the Marvel heroes have been killed, super villains rule the United States and Wolverine is a pacifist. It's violent, shocking and funny as hell. Pick it up.

Monster Pile-Up No. 1 (Image): This one-shot anthology comic presents four separate comic stories featuring Image's top monster-oriented characters. And the comic includes writing and art by top talents like Robert Kirkman, Phil Hester and Todd Dezago. It's obvious that Monster Pile-Up was created to introduce readers to this particular set of comic properties, but -- thankfully -- it doesn't include throwaway content. The stories found within Pile-Up are accessible jumping-on points for neophytes and essential reading for folks who are already fans.

Youngblood No. 4 (Image): OK, all the Rob Liefeld haters can shut up: His once-chronically late comic book Youngblood has reached issue No. 4. Of course, it was only able to reach this rare milestone because Liefeld got the hell out of the way and let writer Joe Casey run the show. Youngblood -- one of the first comics to deal with the idea of superheroes as celebrities -- was always a great concept. And this current run has delved deeper into that core theme than any other Youngblood series published to date.

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