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Winners That Prove People Actually Win at Sweepstakes


Many will tell you that nothing happens overnight. Others say, 'He who will not risk cannot win.‘ Therefore, if you are thinking about trying your gaming luck but have some doubts, we present big sweepstakes winners that prove people actually win at sweepstakes.

The Sweepstakes World

Every year, around 55 million Americans participate in some kind of sweepstakes. There are many ways to join a particular contest, including call-ins, text messages, and mail-ins. In the past decade, sweepstakes have conquered the online world and digital platforms. 

From concert tickets and smartphones to cars, houses, and thousands of dollars, there are people who win all sorts of prizes and prove you can be one of them. joker123

The Story Behind the Paws4People Project

Kyria Henry had a dream to help others. She was only 12 years old when she launched the Paws4People project. It is a charitable organization focused on training assistance dogs and assistance dog trainers to help vets and kids with psychological, neurological, and physical problems. In 2010 Kyria participated in the Ikea's Life Improvement Sabbatical Contest and won $128,000. She used the money to expand the Paws4People project.

When You End Up With More Than a Happy Meal

Going to a McDonald's restaurant is a prize. However, for some, it can be a life-changing event. In 2008, Michele B. won $100,000, thanks to a McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes game code. And it surely felt great.

A Pajama Party With Madonna? Yes, It Is Possible

The most amazing things happen when you least expect them. Suzy was listening to her favorite radio station when they announced a contest. The propositions were simple — the first person who calls them gets the opportunity to attend a private party with the queen of pop. Besides Madonna, the guest list also included Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicole Eggert. Was Suzy the lucky one to go? She surely was.

The Joy of Winning a Dream House

In 2005, Don Cruz won the HGTV Dream Home in Lake Tyler, Texas. It was an actual dream come true. Dan and his family (his wife and son) moved into the mansion and lived there for three years. They sold it, but Dan will never forget the excitement and joy he felt thanks to this prize.

Born Under a Lucky Star

Diana Coke is a star of sweepstakes. In the early 1990s, Di was in her 20s, unemployed, and wanted to attend the Glastonbury Festival (UK). One day, she saw a ticket giveaway in some music magazine, and guess what? — She won. From that moment, as Di says, she became addicted to sweepstakes.

Di won more than $376k in prizes in the past two decades, including £35k in cash, a brand new VW Beetle, and trips to Barcelona, Cyprus, Antigua, Brazil, Tokyo. She also won home appliances and mobile phones, front-row tickets to London Fashion Week, seven years of Glastonbury music festival tickets, and a free ice cream year-round.

Good Old-Fashioned Sweepstakes vs. Online Casino Sweepstakes

If you are a millennial, you have probably participated in some kind of sweepstakes. For many of us, sweepstakes have been part of a family tradition. The idea of winning a considerable amount of money, a brand new car, or a luxurious apartment never goes out of style. 

But there is a relatively new form of sweepstakes - online sweepstakes casinos that have a completely different playing system. They are something in between real money online casinos and sweepstakes.  A player gets coins they can use to pick up sweepstakes entries. And these online casinos offer various popular sweepstakes games to play. Some of the most popular, of course, are blackjack, roulette, slots, baccarat, progressive sweep slots, keno, video poker, regular poker, and many many more. It’s like you are in a casino, but on a sweepstakes event.

Sports betting sites.

By playing these games, you can win more coins, and, if you wish, you can exchange coins for other credits. These other credits allow you to enter contests with more valuable prizes.

Strategies to Win at Sweepstakes

In the end, every dedicated player needs and has their own winning strategy. However, if you are a beginner, these are the steps you should take into consideration if you want to win at sweepstakes, whether it’s a traditional form or online casino variation.

  • Be patient. Patience is a crucial step, especially if you're participating in
    giveaways. Even if someone else wins, don't lose hope. On many occasions, winners turn
    down the prize, and sponsors need to draw another (potential) winner. 

  • Have a dedicated email address. Remember, once you set up an email address,
    you should only use it to enter sweepstakes. 

  • Be persistent. If you want to succeed, you need to set a specific time to enter
    sweepstakes every day. 

  • Cheating is a big no. Even though it seems like a convenient shortcut,
    cheating can have long-term consequences. If you get caught, you'll lose the chance to
    win, but you may also be blacklisted or arrested for fraud. 

  • Check twice before you enter. Due to the many reports of fraud and deception on
    the internet, make sure to check for the legitimacy of the sweepstakes' provider. For example, i
    f it’s an online casino, make sure it’s a legitimate one. 

Good Luck!


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