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Wii Are Gonna Dance the Night Away

Thursday, August 23



All you movers, shakers and wiiners out there need to polish up that routine before heading over to the mid-wiik Pringles Stix Wii Tour. Snack on any of the four favors of the new Pringles Stix to get fueled up for your new music video compliments of Boogie, the new singing and dancing game for Wii. If you can obtain total wiinis (being in a state of one-ness with the Wii gaming console), there is the possibility of winning the grand prize ... a Wii game kit including a console and the new game. This is definitely an experience for the whole family; moms and dads can wii too. 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. Free. Wal-Mart, 9820 Callabridge Court. 615-242-7444.

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