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Why New Teachers Quit

Former CMS Educators Tell Their Stories and Offer Solutions



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Proposed Strategy 3: Give new teachers classrooms or trailers. Do not expect them to push around a cart or share a room with a veteran teacher. Cost: TBD

CMS Response: "Currently we are experiencing a tremendous need for additional space in the district. This year, we will add 3,200 new students to the district. Our construction program cannot keep up with the growth we're experiencing. However, we need to ensure that all teachers (new and experienced) have the resources and space needed to adequately do their job."

Issue 4: Many teachers do not feel they are treated as professional adults.

Proposed Strategy 1: Allow teachers to select the topic, speaker, and content for in-service days within the present budget. Cost: N/A

CMS Response: "The expertise and leadership at the central office is used to identify key topics and presenters for in-service; however, teacher input could be considered in that selection."

Proposed Strategy 2: As a teacher's tenure increases, provide more perks and power other than a salary increase. Cost: N/A

CMS Response: "Although budget constraints may limit this, CMS could review suggestions from teachers related to perks for additional years of service."

Proposed Strategy 3: Don't force teachers to sign in or out for the school day. Cost: N/A

CMS Response: None given

Proposed Strategy 4: Allow teachers to leave campus if they feel they need to during lunch and planning periods with penalties if they abuse the privilege. Cost: N/A

CMS Response: "The purpose of time away from the classroom is for planning."

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