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Why DaVinci Resolve 17 Is the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners



Ask any video editor which video editing software would be the best option for beginners, and they’ll most probably suggest the classics: Apple iMovie, Wondershare filmora9, or Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. While these are all excellent options, I would personally recommend BlackMagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 17 as the best option for budding video editors. Here’s why.

DaVinci Resolve Is Free

When you’re just dipping your toes into the video editing waters, it’s always a sound decision not to invest money in it yet. Editing software isn’t cheap. And if you’re not sure if editing is really for you and you don’t know yet what you need from a video editing software, it could mean a lot of money wasted.

The amazing thing about DaVinci Resolve is that, once you discover that video editing is your thing, you won’t outgrow the software. DaVinci Resolve is great for beginners, but it’s not beginner’s software. Hollywood professionals use it, too. It’s rather exceptional that such a pro-grade tool comes at no cost.

BlackMagic Design does offer a paid version with DaVinci Resolve Studio. The paid version adds Neural Engine, Stereoscopic 3D tools, advanced HDR grading and scopes, plus a bunch of extra filters and plugins. Though these are all powerful features, they’re not essential. The free version has everything you need, and you can continue working with it as you progress without ever needing to upgrade.

DaVinci Resolve Is Easy to Use

The introduction on the Da Vinci Resolve web page says it best, “fast to learn and easy enough for new users, yet powerful for professionals.” The user interface is intuitively built into several modules called ‘pages’, that follow the editor’s workflow: media organization, cutting and editing, special effects and color grading, sound editing, and delivery. 

DaVinci Resolve Is Used in Hollywood

There’s no better testimonial of the quality of a video editing software than its use in major Hollywood film productions. You can see DaVinci Resolve in action in many award-winning movies such as Avatar, Deadpool, Jason Bourne, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Bohemian Rhapsody, and X-men.

DaVinci Resolve was also used in many television productions, from Game of Thrones to Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and American Horror Story.

We already said that if you can take your first video editing steps with the same tool used in the biggest movie productions, you’ll never outgrow the software. You will learn to use a tool that will always stay relevant.

DaVinci Resolve Is an All-In-One Video Editing Solution

DaVinci Resolve combines video editing, color corrections, special effects, audio editing, motion graphics on a single platform. You can fit it with added plugins or templates but, essentially, you’ll never have to export your project to another platform. From media selection to final delivery, everything is done natively in DaVinci Resolve.

About BlackMagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve was initially developed (and is still celebrated) as a color grading tool. When BlackMagic Design purchased the software, they expanded it to become the complete non-linear editor (NLE) we know and love today. DaVinci is available cross-platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download the software directly from the BlackMagic Design webpage and get started today!