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Who the hell is Pat McCrory?

Voters outside Charlotte sound off on the man who would be governor


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And speaking of running the city, even though McCrory is seeking a new job, he still has one. Just because he's in the governor's race doesn't mean issues within the city have been put on hold. So, how is he juggling both duties?

Well, for one, McCrory says he's giving up his job at Duke Energy this month. And he's used to burning the candle at both ends, saying that he's worked full time and ran the city for years. Now, he's campaigning and running the city. McCrory says giving up his spot at Duke is a major sacrifice, but he's doing it for public service. He considers running for governor his "top priority."

McCrory, who says he won't miss any more city council meetings than normal, uses Mondays to do city business and prepare for meetings in his campaign office in the shadow of Uptown on Morehead Street.

Since his campaign began, McCrory claims he hasn't missed a city council meeting and he attended the city council retreat that was held in late January.

So, how is McCrory going to get people who don't know much about him to join his team?

He says this: "I tell people first, that I enjoy decision making and being around people that want to solve problems and not just identify problems. I do take risks. I'm ethical. I feel like I have good values; one of my responsibilities is to be a good role model as an elected official. I like to be extremely accessible as an elected official. And I like to go out and seek opinions and solutions as opposed of people just coming to me."

It's no secret that McCrory has been critical of Raleigh and the "culture" of the beltway. He says that his run for governor is an attempt to change that.

"We're striking a chord with the voters that have yet to find a leader that is viable to lead the state for the next 4 to 8 years."

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