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Which cat rules the urban jungle?


My friend Selda and I were at Whisky River last Tuesday, which happens to be its college night -- the most opportune night to have a bikini contest. Hence the reason it was the scene of Boots and Bikinis, Round 3.

We took a moment to people-watch the completely packed bar and couldn't help but notice how young everyone looked, especially the girls. Considering my 15-year-old niece looks like my twin sister born five minutes after me (and with bigger boobs even), young girls are looking older (perhaps it's something in the water).

But something about some of the girls there at college night made them appear young ... and in turn, made me feel old.

Apparently, Selda was thinking the same thing because she turned to me in slow motion and said, "I feel like a Puma right now." (As opposed to a Cougar.) "We are damn near 30," I concurred. "Well, 13 going on 30."

So are the late-20-somethings Pumas? A younger, less fierce version of a Cougar prowling in uncharted territory? Although, there always seems to be older men at college night -- perhaps hunting for Bobcats (the college girls).

These days however, it seems as though girls start partying when they're kittens.

Granted, when I was 17, I had a fake I.D., saying I was 24 -- but I still never put on a bikini and jumped on a bull at BAR Charlotte.

Growing up, you get to that point in your nightlife where you graduate from house parties when parents are out of town and start going to bars ... so, when do you graduate from college night?

BAR Charlotte, where every night is college night (18 and up), also has a Club 300 where kids 13-18 can party. BAR Charlotte recently celebrated its 13th anniversary, and at their Club 300 party, the bar was older than some of the patrons. I just hope this club is a little more Cheetah Girls and a little less Girls Gone Wild. The next Club 300 is slated for Columbus Day.

I guess that even though we grow up fast, we don't really ever grow up. I have no intentions of ever letting my adult responsibilities outgrow my childlike spirit. That wouldn't be much fun, now would it? But I will however, take my diploma and graduate from college night for which I got a PhD -- Party Hard Degree.

Another installment of Brittney's Random Revelations ... Why do people always say "cutting a rug" in regards to dancing? Dance floors are always hardwood floors. I don't think I've ever actually danced on a rug before, let alone cut one.

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