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Where to find Sabrett Onions in Sauce


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A reader asks where he can find Sabrett Onions in Sauce. He moved to the Charlotte area 10 years ago and misses the taste of this New York push cart sauce on his hot dogs.

Where to find it: Sabrett Onions in Sauce

Harris Teeter stocks this item. It's located in the refrigerated section ($3.99/16 ounces). In the Morrocroft store, it's located near the Mexican cheese. (Morrocroft is HT's flagship store: not all their stores carry the same merchandise.)

The familiar Sabrett yellow and blue push cart umbrella is a common sight in the New York area, as are their longer-than-the-bun hot dogs, also sold at Harris Teeter. Sabrett products are distributed by Marathon Enterprises, Bronx, NY. Sabrett Onions in Sauce is sliced onions in a tomato-paste based sauce with olive oil, sugar and spices. The shelf life after opening is only 10 days.

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