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Where to find it: World Cup foods



Where to find it: Foods for the World Cup

Need something from South Africa for your World Cup party? You'll need to visit Jeremy Dreyer at his store, The South African Food Shop (Fullwood Plaza, 11229 E. Independence Blvd., Matthews). Dreyer says most South Africans will be having a Braai, a barbecue, and throwing some boerewors (sausage) on the grill.

Attuning to the unfamiliar cadence of South African speech may take a few minutes in this shop; however, the senses of taste and smell will immediately adjust to the brilliant enormity of South African cuisine's free-falling flavors. Here, you will find biltong and droewors (mutton) -- both jerkies; Mrs. Balls Chutney (as ubiquitous as salsa is here); Monkey Gland sauce (no worries -- no monkeys; it's a steak sauce); Peri Peri; frozen boerewors sausage; pork and Scottish meat pies; banger sausage rolls; curried vegetable pastries; as well as Ouma rusks (hard dry crackers like zwieback); Nice n Spicy Pickled Curried Fish; Stoney Ginger Beer; and, according to Dreyer, the largest selection of South Africa wines on the East Coast.

Dreyer also has a few vuvuzelas, the indigenous South African plastic horns soccer fans will employ during the games. The instruments are for display -- not for sale.

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