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Where to find it: Vlasic Hot Jalapeño Slices



Most grocery stores have international sections, so why not regional ones? One of my favorite grocery stores used to be the Greensboro Harris Teeter at the Friendly Center. That store ordered almost any special request. Since the store bought these items by the case, they would sell the remaining stock on shelves in a special section which was packed with foods of obvious regional preference, like apricot Jell-O and granulated maple sugar. The store, however, discontinued this program.

Looking for an item readily available in other parts of the country can be frustrating. A reader writes in looking for Vlasic Peppers Hot Jalapeño Slices, a popular item in many parts of the U.S. While many Vlasic pickles are readily available at neighborhood grocery stores, these crisp and spicy peppers are not.

However, they are sold at two Charlotte Super Targets: the Charlotte SW SuperTarget, 212830 Walker Branch Drive, 704-583-2601; and the Charlotte North SuperTarget, 19841 Northlake Centre Parkway, 704-526-3648.

Vlasic Peppers Hot Jalapeño Slices can also be found in 12-ounce jars ($2.08) in the pickle aisle of Ingles Market, 715 West Trade St. in Dallas, NC; 704-922-6791.

Although Walmart nationally carries this product, none in the Charlotte area do. The closest is the Walmart Supercenter in Conover.

Vlasic, owned by Pinnacle Foods, sells products directly to consumers on their Mybrands site: www.mybrands.com; 888-281-6400. These jars are $2.93 with a four unit minimum order, or by the case (12) for $2.64 each, plus shipping.

Looking for a food you can't find? Or do you know of other food items unique to the Q.C.? Whether it's regional foods or international, talk to me: [email protected] or 704-522-8334, extension 136.

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