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Where to find it: Pita and Ramen



In May 2010, I wrote that both Harris Teeter and the Fresh Market had stopped carrying the skinny (flat) Middle Eastern styled pita breads. But over a year ago, Fresh Market began carrying their brand of thin pita. Last month, Harris Teeter rejoined the bread fold by offering their brand of pita, too. These breads, offered in white and whole wheat, are located in the bakery section of their respective stores. Although thicker pita may be used for Turkish and Greek dishes, flat bread is used throughout most of the Middle East.

At one time, Charlotte had two bakeries making pita daily. They closed. Today, Neomonde Baking Co. in Morrisville, N.C., is the closest pita bakery to Charlotte, and their excellent Lebanese-styled pita bread is available at Yafa Market and Café, 10703 Park Road (near Black Lion); Halal Market, 3145 N. Sharon Amity Road; and Cedar Land Mediterranean Market & Restaurant, 4832 Central Ave. Two Middle Eastern shops went out of business in 2011: Sahara Market and Mediterranean Gourmet Market.

Another update: Last year, I wrote about a lack of ramen shops in town. That still exists, but for the best bowl of ramen, Musashi Japanese Restaurant (10110 Johnston Road) makes one with tonkotsu, a luscious milky-looking pork broth. Musashi's enormous bowl arrives with a hard-boiled egg bobbing among slices of wood ear mushroom, strips of nori, thin slices of pork, and noodles in the steaming broth. Add to this a dash of shichimi, a Japanese blend of spices, tangerine peel, and black and white sesame seeds.

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