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Where to find it: Corned Beef Sandwich



A reader writes in looking for a "great" corned beef sandwich. While corned beef sandwiches are easy to find throughout the city, finding places that transform an ordinary beef brisket into a delicious corned beef is trickier. A typical brine recipe calls for salt, cinnamon, mustard seeds, juniper and allspice berries and ginger, but making corned beef takes time — 10 days, in fact. The best places for corned beef sandwiches in Charlotte are Katz and Gleiberman's.

Lee Katz has the best deli-styled restaurant in town and makes his own corned beef in-house. Corned beef sandwiches are $8.95. His Katz New York Deli & Restaurant (8045 Providence Road, 704-543-4666) is tucked away on the southeast corner of 51 and Providence Road, across the street from the Arboretum. If you have ever lived in the New York area, you will want to eat here.

At Gleiberman's Deli & Grille Kosher Mart & Restaurant (5668-D International Drive, 704-563-8288), hot corned beef sandwiches on rye come in three sizes: regular (4 ounces, $8.95), New York (6 ounces, $11.95); and overstuffed (10 ounces, $15.95). Extra lean corned beef costs a dollar more. Additionally, the deli sells corned beef for $19.95 a pound. Gleiberman's Deli is located in Providence Square Shopping Center, an interior shopping center fronted by apartments. In other words, it may be hard to find, too.

Not homemade is the corned beef at The Terrace Café (4625 Piedmont Row Drive, 704-554-6177). But what I like about this 8-ounce corned beef sandwich ($12.50) on marbled rye with Swiss cheese is the house-made cole slaw.

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