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Where to find Fresh Wheat Flour Tortillas



A reader asks where he can find freshly made flour tortillas, or tortilla de harina, in Charlotte. I have written about the tortilleria at Compare, which makes corn tortillas (tortilla de maíz) exclusively. Wheat flour tortillas originated in northern Mexico/southern Texas and were also made by the First Peoples throughout the American Southwest. Northern Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines use flour tortillas, and most burritos — including breakfast burritos — are wrapped in wheat. Vida Mexican Kitchen y Cantina, which opens Sept. 30, is advertising their made-in house tortillas, including flour — the only way tortillas should be served.

Charlotte does have fresh flour tortillas for consumers. They are available at Mi Tierra tortilleria, 903 Eastway Drive (704-531-6881), on Mondays and Fridays after 11 a.m. Owners Erick and Diana Gomez believe their bakery is the only one in Charlotte making flour tortillas. Mi Tierra tortillas are six inches in diameter and are sold by weight, but each package has approximately 20 to 22 tortillas and costs $2.50.

Mi Tierra is located in a small strip center on Eastway near Garinger High School. This barebones shop only makes wheat tortillas. These tortillas are sold as flattened dough, which should be griddled for 15 seconds on each side. Fresh tortillas separate and puff up on the griddle before relaxing again.

You can place a special order at Mi Tierra for larger tortillas or large quantities. Mi Tierra tortillas are also available at area Compare stores and can be found in the refrigerated section near the eggs in packages of 23 ($2.99).

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