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Where to find 750 gram Chocolate Easter Eggs



Chocolate Easter eggs are sold throughout the Christian parts of the world during this season. However, countries and cultures have developed unique presentations. Here in the U.S., small foil-wrapped eggs, or milk chocolate (solid or hollow) formed into rabbits or chickens, are common. In Brazil and Lebanon, large, colorfully wrapped eggs are popular.

Where to find it: 750 gram Chocolate Easter Eggs

Coisas do Brasil, 10915 Monroe Road, is a small Brazilian grocery store which stocks a variety of these eggs for several weeks before Easter. Some of these eggs are more than 12 inches high, but with the extravagant, colorful printed packaging, they appear twice as large. Owner Rosa Tinta notes people tend to buy for their children the type of egg they grew up with. Some of these hollow eggs are white chocolate, while others are milk chocolate. For the undecided, several companies make the half white, half milk chocolate egg. A few eggs are filled with hard candies, like a piñata. Eggs range in size from the small 240 gram ($7.80) to the family size 750 gram egg ($24.50) Tinta carries several lines, including those produced by Lacta (owned by Kraft) and Nestle.

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