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What's in store for 2015

2015 Annual Horoscope: Part 1



Aries: Uranus is in the middle of your sign during 2015. This is a strong symbol of the restlessness and yearning to break free that has plagued you over the recent years. If you are using this energy constructively, you will be working toward a greater cause or the good of those who cannot help themselves. The position of Mars as it transits the zodiac represents you and your drive, for good or ill. Between January 12 and February 17, it is best if you take no aggressive measures, lest they become boomerangs. A new relationship or partnership begins in February. It might instead be a recommitment to an ongoing relationship. The middle of March is likely to be a time that you will do battle and take no prisoners. This energy continues through the first week of April. In mid-April you will be challenged by property, family and work situations. Stress and the need for change begins again in mid-July and one more time in December. During August there will be an improvement in the conditions related to work. It is possible that travel or education for the sake of career is in the offing, if not 2015, then in 2016. In July through early fall someone from the past may resurface in your life for a time. You may feel drawn by nostalgia to investigate, but this is unlikely to be long-lasting.

Taurus: This year presents you with an awareness of financial affairs. It is important to focus on your investments and do long-term planning. You may be called upon to handle someone else's money, which leads you to realize a need to prepare a will and arrange for your later years. It is time to eliminate debt. In February, you will need to focus on your inner work and come to peace with yourself about an old resentment. If you do not do this, then in March you may find yourself suddenly ready for war. The end of March brings expansion via travel or education. Legal matters go in your favor. In July through September you may take a romantic step into the past to revisit unresolved matters. At that time your creativity seems to go underground, but it will reappear in latter September. In mid to late September you begin a fresh relationship. It may be romantic, but it also might be a fresh start on a relationship from long ago. October brings surprises, most of which you will consider favorable. That may be a time to travel as well. Take special care of your health in November. The month of December is favorable for relationships.

Gemini: This year it's time to think seriously about your partner(s) and other very close relationships in your life. Those of you in a bad relationship will be verging upon letting that one go. If you want to remain in your partnership it requires finding a new, fresher reason to remain together. Close friends fit into this category as well. So those who are not good for you need to move on. Those who genuinely care about you will become your teachers for the next couple of years. The year begins with your ruling planet Mercury, in retrograde motion. You likely will be rethinking your next moves. That which seemed favorable in December is on pause while you think about the possible fallout if you take this step. You will be less likely to make decisions during this period, yet you are pondering serious matters. In mid-March you will learn the truth about a previously held illusion. In early April you may be provoked to battle the powers that be, but the probability is that they won't budge. During May-June, Mercury is in your sign with another retrograde cycle. The probability is high that you will change directions from that which was on your mind in April. It will be a good time to think about yourself and tend to your health. July brings another time of struggling with the powers in your life. Things around you will lighten up in August. Any time before August 27 would be good for a vacation. During September-October Mercury will be retrograding in the territory related to lovers and children (no matter how old they are). You and/or your children will be rethinking your paths again. Former lovers may return or you may back out of a current lover relationship. November and the Thanksgiving holiday will be quiet and subdued. In December you will want to take control of those around you. That may not be appreciated, but you can try.

Cancer: Much of your focus this year is to continue sorting and organizing your property. Follow the instinct to give away or otherwise dispose of whatever you do not need. You want to eliminate whatever feels like clutter, whether it is stuff or anything outdated, such as clothing. The eclipse seasons tend to create drama. Watch the months of March and April which may bring drama centered around your partner(s), especially near April 4. Then again in September, particularly near the 28th. In July there is likely to be an upset pertaining to your life direction. You and another will have to resolve a dilemma or two. From June 24 through August 8 you will be involved in heavy exercise or in a project that requires the use of your large muscles. Mid-May and early July are favorable times for travel. January through August is overall favorable in the financial department of life. On or near July 25 it is important to give especially good attention to your body and drive like a little old lady. Your reflexes are in a low at that time. In early October you may be choosing to move or make significant changes in your home and property. You may have a challenge with authorities in December. They have the upper hand.

Leo: The first half of 2015 you will probably be thinking seriously about love life, children, and creativity. You don't want to be frivolous in love or art. You want something meaningful to develop. Many will take their creativity seriously for the first time. In the first six months, Jupiter will be continuing to travel in your sign. People often experience positive changes with Jupiter in this position. In July and September, Venus, the goddess of love goes retrograde in your sign. This transit often represents returning to a former relationship to check it out one more time. People from the past may show up from nowhere and want to reconnect. You may be the one who initiates the search for those in your former history. Watch your behavior in the relationship because you will be tempted to live out old patterns that are not good for you. There are certain times during the year in which you will be caught up in the Uranus/Pluto square. Sometimes you are a victim of the powers and other times you over-react as a power. Early January brings a time in which you could be a control freak (unless you watch it). Early April is a time in which you will be on the rebellious side and in support of what seems just to you. During July and October you may perceive yourself as a victim of the powers that be. It is hard to keep one's balance during these Uranus/Pluto squares.

Virgo: Over the next two to three years, you will be pressed to repair and/or replace property. Whatever you own that is aging will begin to show its cracks. You may also need to focus on elderly family members. You are likely to want to downsize and eliminate whatever is excess around your home. As the year begins, your ruling planet, Mercury, will go through a two month retrograde cycle. You will need to realign your health habits. Aside from health, there may be things related to your work that need to be done again. It could seem as though it is hard to get off the ground in the year's beginning, but that will not last forever. The next Mercury retrograde criss-crosses your career house, setting up changes in that area. Ultimately you will probably wind up exactly where you started. The third Mercury retrograde occurs in September-October in the territory of finances and resources. At that time you may discover previously made errors in business or in your checkbook that must be corrected. Avoid making major purchases at that time because you may not have enough information to make good choices. On September 27 through November 12, Mars will also be in your sign to add sparks and energy to everything. Jupiter moves into your sign in August for the next 12 months. Jupiter usually brings a favorable attitude change about almost anything. It often comes with increased travel and more experiences of a ceremonial nature. It definitely favors education and teaching. It may bring a happy surprise in October. This will be a year for the new and different.

Libra: During this year you will be pressed to learn efficiency in your communications. Whether written or oral, the need to be concise and organized with your language is emphasized. It is also time to become aware of opinionated attitudes. Learn to recognize them and put on the brakes. What you think is right may not be so. Circumstances related to roommates or siblings may require attention. In February-March, whatever difficulties are in your relationships will show themselves. Dialogue is necessary. Whatever is not resolved will resurface again in May and again in November. Others may challenge you for reasons of their own. It is easy for others to project their attitudes onto the peaceful Libran and then want to fight you about it. It may seem as though you are going backward, repeating old patterns, or revisiting old relationships between early July through early October. This is particularly noticeable in September. People from the past will resurface during this period. It's possible that people who remind you of old history will provoke you. Observe the similarity and don't react as before. Let it just go by. Mercury will be retrograde in your sign during September and October. This causes you to rethink your plans and perhaps set them aside for a time. You may not have all the information you need, so waiting is favorable. The dramas of those around you take over your time during November. December is far more peaceful and playful.

Scorpio: The long darkness that has cast a background pallor over your life is coming to an end this year. You will feel generally better through June. It is possible the summer will remind you of that pallor, but even that will lift in September. It will be important to focus attention on income now and for the next two years. Eliminate wasteful spending. In mid-February, you may start a new job that requires the use of your muscles. At the same time there are signs of a new relationship or partnership beginning in February. It might instead be a recommitment to an ongoing relationship. Use special caution physically in March because you are subject to accident. In May and mid-July, you may attract one who wants to harm you in some way. Step aside from the darker types in the world. Scorpio can attract them. Leave those people alone. Take care with your mouth during the summer. You may pop off one too many times or in the wrong places. In August you may develop a new circle of friends, who will be a new joy in your life for many months and maybe longer. During the fall you will be experimenting with the development of a new relationship. Watch your temper in the early part of December. Make an effort to deal with relationship situations in a new way.

Sagittarius: For the first six months of 2015 you will have a taste of Saturn as it moves into your sign. In June it will backtrack away and then move back to Sagittarius in September for the next two years. Saturn represents the taskmaster, the teacher, the one that promotes self-discipline and search for status in the world. When it first moves into a sign it sometimes suggests isolation or leaving one's comfortable situation. People who have Saturn in their sign often feel alone, even if that is not exactly true. It is more often a sense of being solitary, although it can manifest in a literal way at times. During this year as Saturn crosses the territory into Sagittarius, Neptune is hanging at the bottom of your chart. This often brings the illusion of being alone, or not belonging anywhere at all. One or more family members may drift off into the ethers, but you are truly grounded with Saturn as your partner, and unlikely to meander into outer space. While Mercury is retrograde in your partner's house during September-October, your partner may be dilly-dallying and unable to make a decision. But you, with Saturn in your sign, will be more stable than you have known for a very long time. Between January and July you likely will be setting up the foundation for a career in the future. Perhaps you are going to school or growing your knowledge in other ways. From August forward through the next year, there is emphasis on your career or life direction. You will want to expand this territory and likely will be given opportunities to try.

Capricorn: Your ruling planet is Saturn which is changing signs this year. You may have noticed that your life tends to make a big shift roughly every two to three years and here we are. Saturn moved into Sagittarius in mid-December and will remain there until June. You are likely fantasizing a sabbatical and you actually need one. You must ease up on your self-expectations or your health may suffer. Make it a point to get extra rest, extra vitamins, and whatever else you know is good for your body. The ongoing Uranus/Pluto squares are taking a toll because Pluto is presently residing in Capricorn. You have challenges from every front and this has gone on since 2010. You have done your best to control the situations around you. There is one more exact square in mid-March. After that the punches are not as hard, but they will keep coming. Prepare your body as best you can. The first half of the year business is slow, particularly so if it depends upon internet resources. There will be challenges in March, mid-July, November, and again in December. From August forward Jupiter favors you with positive aspects related to travel, internet, education, and/or publication.

Aquarius: You will get a preview of the next three years during the first six months of 2015 and again in the last four months and beyond. Your role in life is shifting as Saturn, your ruling planet, moves into Sagittarius. In the big picture you may be asked to lead community projects. You may see yourself taking on the role of teacher, and maybe even as a step-parent. January and February are challenged by a Mercury retrograde in your sign. Don't force yourself to a decision during that period. Avoid contracts, but if you sign, make sure you know exactly what you are promising. Avoid any type of manipulative actions within a relationship. Jupiter, a bountiful planet, remains in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships until August. This began last summer and suggests a year of improvement in these relationships. From August forward, Jupiter will be in the territory that includes other people's resources. That might be partner's income, insurance or debt payoffs, inheritance, gifts, public money (SS or disability). If you need a favor, ask between August 2015 and July 2016. The year comes in like a lion but goes out much more like a kitten.

Pisces: Many Pisceans are experiencing an otherworldly sense in their consciousness. Neptune, your ruling planet who was god of the sea, is in your sign for many years. This year those most affected were born between February 23rd and March 1. The energy is surreal, causing you to feel ungrounded at times. Intuitive impressions may occasionally interrupt your concentration. Exercise is the antidote, though that is probably the last thing you want to do during this period. The end of March into June is a favorable time for travel or a vacation. Another time is during the month of October. Saturn is crossing the top of your chart, suggesting that you will be given more responsibility. Alternately, if you are tired of your life direction, you may decide to chuck the routine in order to take on another project. Authority figures are likely to be challenging in November. Stay under the radar if possible. You will be focused on work through August. After that you may become interested in a potential partner. More people will be in your life between Aug. 2015 and July 2016. Beware of emotional vampires. That is always a problem for Pisces. Your attention is riveted on your work as the year begins.

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